Civitan of Lenawee


What is Civitan?


In 1917, a group of business and professional leaders were meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, as a part of a national civic club. They were concerned about their community and world, but they thought that the club focused too much on personal gain. These men wanted to make a difference, and they believed that their actions could help build a better world.

Giving up the charter they had purchased, they set out to make a more suitable club. On March 17, 1917, these men formed an independent service organization. Eventually, they settled on the name Civitan, coined from the Latin word civitas, meaning, “citizenship.” “Builders of Good Citizenship” was a natural motto for the civic-minded group.

From then on, Civitan International sponsored local charters in communities that were committed to building a better world.  Civitan came to Lenawee County in 1969, and the rest is history,


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